James Z. Wu Visual Composer

Producer – Director – Cinematographer – Editor

About Me

For the past 32 years or so, I have traveled through over 10 countries capturing still and moving images for various clients and for my own personal inspirations.  I am truly fortunate to be able to work with many talented people and fun clients to produce stories out of the images we create.


Commercials, Corporate Videos, Documentaries

2018 CiscoLive Orlando

Schwab – Chuck on Accountability

Blanc de Peche Commercial

California Super Lotto Commercial “California Dream” in Mandarin

New Balance Recruitment

Schwab – “Embrace Life as RIA”

Schwab – RIA What could independence mean for you

2018 Informatica World Highlights

SFPD Interceptor Introduction Opening

Chef Tucker Bunch Shanks

Aprilia – Drone Pilot

James Z. Wu Reel

California Lottery 30th Anniversary Commercial

“One Punch” JAM Project Music Video

California Lottery “Bigger is Better” Commercial

James Z. Wu


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